Business Card Print.

Your business cards are your representatives and play a huge role in developing your business. Apart from being a physical printed object, which your potential clients can take with them, it reminds them of your products and services each time they look at them. Properly designed, they help promote the impression about your company. Therefore, it is extremely vital that you take all possible steps to get a card that is appealing as well as informative.

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Mistake of overcrowding

Many businesses make the mistake of filling up both the front and back of their business card with as much information as possible. This creates a negative impact on viewers who will never bother to scan so many details to find information they require. Therefore, try to include the minimum amount of text as possible on your visiting card. If you have any doubts, contact a professional business cards printing london agency, and go through the portfolio of cards printed by them for their clients. You can either select from one of them or hand over the task to their designers, who will create several dummy designs, and print the one that you select. Provide them with a black & white logo of your company's logo if you want that incorporated in the visiting card.

Different types of printing services

You can choose from numerous kinds of printing services to get your visiting cards printed such as:

- Offset (only suitable if you want tens of thousands of business cards printed)

- Digital (affordable and suitable for small runs and offer excellent sharpness, colour depth and hue)

- Silk Screen: (costlier than digital printing but offers all its benefits along with saturation, as the printed text and graphics are vibrant because the ink is slightly raised. This process also allows you to print your business card on different materials such as mica, wood, etc.)

Advantage of in house printing

You have exhausted your stock of visiting cards and require a bunch of them immediately, for distributing to potential clients at a business conference. Consider this mission impossible if you hand over the task to a printer. At the least, they will require one day to complete the process. Add to this the time taken to send the sample to them, and you can be sure that you will have to go to the conference empty handed. You can avoid such problems through in house printing solutions. Modern generation digital printers are quite affordable and have a small footprint, allowing you to set them up anywhere in your office. You can print hundreds of business cards with them in a couple of minutes.

Quality print design

The quality of the printing depends on the resolution of the printer (measured in dots per inch). If you want to opt for in house printing, opt for a printer that prints at the highest resolution possible, yet meets your budget. Certain digital models contain an integrated punching module, but they are very costly. It works out cheaper to purchase a separate business card cutting machine to punch out individual cards from an A4 page containing numerous visiting cards.